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Quantic Dream is a video game studio located in Paris, founded 22 years ago by David Cage to create AAA games based on emotion and storytelling. Our studio is at the forefront of innovation in interactive narrative, real-time 3D graphics and technologies, as well as realistic performance captured animation. In recent years, Quantic Dream created thought-provoking games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and most recently Detroit: Become Human. The studio’s creations benefit from collaborations with world-class talents such as David Bowie, Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, Hans Zimmer or Jesse Williams.

Quantic Dream has developed pioneering proprietary technologies and original franchises since its creation, with the support of millions of gamers around the world.


Empowered by its 150-200 employees, Quantic Dream advocates a strong identity marked by the dynamics of the collective and the entrepreneurial passion within an innovative technological environment.

Based in Paris, our studio is composed of talents from all backgrounds, cultures, languages and experiences. They thrive in an environment that blends artistic creation with cutting-edge technologies and are proud of the experiences they create.

With an average seniority of more than 7 years, our studio consists of a team of veterans and newcomers, creating a synergy between experience and youth. Women hold 50% of our management positions (directors/leads).

Our 4 000 m2 (40 000 ft2) office space offers a unique working environment with upscale amenities, one of Europe’s largest motion capture studios, audio recording facilities, a gym and a vast leisure space for relaxing and playing together.

Quantic Dream is also an independent producer and publisher of video games created by other studios, from niche indie experiences to triple-A blockbuster titles.